Saint Therese Catholic Church

Saint Therese is a Catholic community located in Collinsville, Oklahoma.

Parish Mission Statement:
To provide a Catholic,
faith-filled environment
that fosters a friendly,
family atmosphere,
by which we reach out
to people and say:
This is your home!”


The first Catholic Mass in Collinsville, Oklahoma, was officiated by Reverend John Gerhard Heiring in 1908 in the local Opera House.  In 1914, construction of St. Stanislaus began on the corner of 13th and Main.  It was dedicated on Christmas Day in 1915.  Due to the close of the smelters and the loss of catholic families in Collinsville, St. Stanislaus was also closed. In 1944 it was condemned and torn down.  Then in 1945 a new church was built on the corner of 15th and Main.  It was named the Chapel of the Little Flower and was also called St. Teresa Catholic Church, and, it was dedicated December 30, 1945.  The U. S. Marine Corps Veterans of the Fifth Division were instrumental in the building of the chapel by donating $1000.  The chaplain of that Division, Fr. James McGuldrick donated his personal chalice for the new church.  As the catholic community grew, however, a larger church was needed.  The new St. Thérèse of Lisieux Roman Catholic Church was built and dedicated on October 1, 2000, as a Parish Church and Diocesan Eucharistic Shrine.  It has now been 11 years since its dedication and the parish is flourishing.

Who was St. Therese?

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux (1873-1897) is known as Doctor of the Catholic church, which means that her life and writings are considered particularly important for Catholics. She is also called the Little Flower of Jesus. She lived in France as a nun, and died at 24 from tuberculosis. Mother Teresa chose her name in honor of her.


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